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Katy Perry Claims Ghosts are Haunting her Los Angeles Mansion

What to do with yet another story about a celebrity and the paranormal? Throw it on the pile, I suppose. Katy Perry is the latest celebrity to supposedly be haunted by ghosts. Then again, the story below outlining Ms. Perry’s paranormal activity is not really the high benchmark in journalism. I left in all the errors and various bastardizations of the English language. Copy and paste, bitches.

Katy Perry, singer of Firework, claims she saw a ghost
Anyone who puts fireworks in their bra must be a reputable and reliable source of information.

Picture the scene. Katy Perry is minding her own business, just casually looking shexy and filming the big blockbuster ad for her latest fragrance release, when what else should happen, but a big scary bedsheet-looking ghost comes floating past groaning WOOOOO and spooking the crap out of Le Pezza.


Well that’s exacty/nearly/kind of what happened to Miss Perry Prettyface recently, when she apparently saw a man whilst by herself in a suite, and hysterically ran away in fear. Eeep, scary stuff (but also quite funny to imagine).

A source told The National Enquirer that “Shivering and terrified, Katy told producers that while she was alone in the master suite, she turned to the mirror and froze when she saw a man sporting a moustache staring back at her, his face contorted in agony.”

CRIPES, we knew Barry Chuckle was a big Katy Perry fan, but we didn’t know he’d go to these lengths.

You have to admit, it’s a little bit scary and dramatic, until they mention the moustache.

“Katy raced from the room and down the enormous staircase, screaming at the top of her lungs! Everyone tried to calm her down. She told them she would not return to that room, and wanted to get out of the house immediately”, the source went on to reveal.

Woah, scary stuff. Sounds like it’s time to call in Derek Acorah to sort out your shizz, he ain’t afraida no ghost.

The National Enquirer is a pretty reputable paper, you know. Well, at least when compared with the Sun or the Examiner.