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  • Good afternoon.
    I recently published The History and Haunting of the Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park, Colorado. Would you be interested in providing a link for the book to Amazon or offer it for sale on your website?

    Thank you so much.

    Rebecca Pittman

    • Hi Rebecca,

      We don’t offer books for sale on our site until we’ve reviewed them. If you’d like to provide us with a review copy, we’d be happy to review it and provide a link to Amazon. Thanks!

  • Red Dead Redemption happens to be one of my favorite games as well. I have noticed they put some subliminal occult references in this game. In Pike’s Basin, there are 3 different scenes. In two of the scenes, the bandits move little or not at all. Look at where they drop the weapons (the weapons glimmer after being dropped, so it’s easy to see). They form the number 6 which is the devil’s number. A lot of constellations you see at night also form the same number. The playing cards used in poker have ghoulish or even satanic looking figures on the face cards. In ‘Undead Nightmare’, there are black goats running around the countryside that cannot be killed. The goat, of course, has been a symbol of satan for a long time. In Blackwater, the name of the ferry is the ‘Morning Star’. The ancients used to refer to the real morning star as ‘Lucifer’, or the bringer of light (the morning star is actually Venus, but the ancients didn’t know that). There are probably more references throughout the game, but these are the ones that jumped out at me. What’s Rockstar games really up to?

  • hello. love the show/researchers of B.F.R.O. I am a bit upset with Matt Moneymakers use of “bring the fight to the enemy”.It hurt and frightens me.Being a proud cherokee I am very surprised by how many tribal members have shared or spoke of this.This is a very sacred secret to I believe ALL nations,this is a very ,very real being.I am afraid you will find what you are looking for and they will be in even more danger.The sacred who are the protectors of our forests and our wounded crying Mother earth.My hope is you will protect them.

    Be safe in those woods,walk soft and cause no harm.My 1st letter was better than this crappy one,but computers freak me out still,lost my impressive one lol.

    thank you,robin m. from brighton,colorado

  • I watch the fnding Bigfoot series. Have you thought of bigfoot sightings in Louisiana. My aunt use to tell us stories of a very large nude black man walking the “highlines” in Many, Louisiana, of course she saw this huge creature numerous times. I’m convinced that it was a Bigfoot sighting. My aunt is deceased by my sister still live in Many, Louisiana and remember the stories she told us.

  • I just read your piece on why Grant from TAPS is leaving Ghost Hunters. I am a huge fan of the show, however I do agree with you 100% of how the direction of the show has changed in the last few years. As a matter of fact my husband said the exact same thing just recently and we started to feel that the show is more “Hollywood”. That being said, I will miss Grant because he does seem to be the most sincere team member. Will I keep watching? Probably> But it is now for entertainment value, than the actual Ghost Hunting itself.

  • Hello.

    About 2 weeks ago I bought a rail mount laser sight for my pistol, (target practice of course!)
    and after I got it “sighted in” (instructions said to do this at a target 21ft away)
    I thought to see just how far away it would place the red dot, so about 11pm I stood on my
    front entryway and pointed it some trees in the distance…Well I was very surprised to see that it was clear to a tree about 300yrds away, and as I moved the beam from left to right, in a gap between another tree the dot showed up!
    So I turned the laser off to see if something was in the way (I know my neighborhood pretty well!!) and there nothing there, so did it again and the dot was clearly visible.
    I stood there for a good ten seconds with beam hitting something that I could not see even though the street lights were on, and I KNOW there is nothing there during daylight hours. What happened after that was scary to say the least, something moved to the left of my dot and a red light came back to me, after that I went back in the house and started web search for laser ufo tag and sightings, needless to say I didn’t sleep that night and I did NOT do it again.

    • Dear Dave, Probably what you saw was a ghost even during the day they are wherever they choose to be. I used to live in a haunted apt and I saw a ghost right during the day in fact it was early in the morning around 6am and I got woke up by a ghost and I saw through her but I could see just barley what she was wearing. True story even my son got scared by her too. She woke me up for some unknown reason not sure why. I don’t believe she was there to hurt me on purpose. Thanks for reading my story. Sincerely Nancy Monroe

  • Just a bit of advice. Having a bubble headed celebrity as your lead story sends up red flags. Too bad, it could have been an interesting site, but with a celebs face plastered all over it destroys any attempt at intelligence you might be trying to put forward. Speaking only for myself, I don’t follow anything that has to rely on some idiots star power to be interesting.

  • First of all I would like to know when Mountain Monsters will be coming back from vacation? I love that show. Second of all I hate it that you said that they fake their monsters which is not all true. I guess you don’t really know what is out there. For your information I live here in Vermont and some people here deep in the woods have seen a bigfoot. I have seen other shows that show they have seen and heard a real bigfoot. That could be true as there are creatures out there that we have not yet found like strange frogs etc. No one can say that there is no such thing as bigfoots. Also this other show I saw on a doucmentary channel showed a real picture of a Chupacabra. Again real creature. Tell me that there are no such thing as these creatures? I love these guys. The last show that they played I am not sure if that was real but I do know that ghosts are real as I have seen one for real and I don’t lie. I used to live in a haunted apt. So please let me know when the show will be back on. I wish these guys would go on like a tour I would love t o meet them in person. I like Buck and Wild Bill the most they are funny! Thanks and hope to hear back from you asap.

    • I never said that the monsters they feature on the show do or do not exist. But very clearly, everything on this show is faked, to the point that my 7-year old son can tell that certain things are puppets.