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Odd & Untold is looking for writers! We are a blog about the paranormal, supernatural and unexplained. We cover such topics as ghosts, paranormal investigations, UFOs, cryptozoology, and any other unexplained phenomena. We have a good sense of humor and are not afraid to be sarcastic when it’s called for. We are looking for talented writers with a passion for the paranormal to write for us and contribute to the blog. These are NON-PAYING positions. We are looking for all kinds of writing, including:

  • Theme columns (weekly, biweekly, monthly)
  • Field investigations
  • Articles
  • TV Show & Documentary reviews (Ghost Hunters, MonsterQuest, etc.)
  • Book reviews
  • Personal experiences

If you have another idea, we are always open to suggestions as well. We currently average over 20,000 hits per month, so this is a great way to get your work seen and read as well as get involved in something that you’re passionate about.

To apply, send an e-mail introducing yourself and describing what kind of column you’d like to write, and attach a sample of your writing in MS Word or PDF format to jason@oddanduntold.com. You must be able to submit your columns on a regular basis! We will contact you if you are chosen to be a regular contributor to the site. Good luck!

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  • I love to write. My niche being the supernatural and paranormal phenomena, I would certainly feel privileged to have the oppurtunity to present my writing to your audience in a blog post. I will definitely be able to find the time to publish posts on a continuous basis for as long as possible or necessary. Please consider me when choosing content writers as I very much enjoy this genre of writing and feel I could present entertaining content for you and your specific audience.