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Paranormal Belief: Faith vs Fact

We take a deep dive down the rabbit hole this week as we discuss the concept of belief when it comes to the paranormal. Man of us are familiar with the question – “Do you believe in ghosts?” Or “Do you believe in Bigfoot?” And for this week’s episode, we talk about how that can be a loaded question. The word “belief” carries a lot of meaning with it, and leaves lots of room for interpretation. Should we believe in such things? Or is a more fact-based approach more necessary?

To further look at the concept of belief in things that aren’t always easy to scientifically study, Josh presents the Kalam Cosmological argument. In essence, this is a philosophical yet logical framework for the possible existence of God. And here, Josh links this to how we can all look at paranormal or supernatural phenomena such as ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, etc.

How do you approach your paranormal belief? Do you just put your faith into things existing? Or do you need more proof and evidence before you consider them a possibility? Email me at:

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