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Coney Island UFOsThis week I’m joined by my 15-year old son, Jake! He’s been into the paranormal since he was little, like me. And he’s had a few weird things happen to him over the years. In this episode, Jake talks about a strange shadow person he saw in his room one night, as well as a sighting of a UFO in Brooklyn. He also discusses some Coney Island UFOs that he and I both saw one day while we were out and about at the amusement park area. We even got some (not so great) pics of what we saw in the distance.

Jake finishes his stories with a more lighthearted story about a figure he has dubbed “Dolphin Man.” He saw a weird, white-skinned figure emerging from a local grocery store. Probably just a pale dude rocking his own style, but it was fun coming up with our own cryptid.

Do you think children are more sensitive to paranormal phenomena? Or do they just have more open minds? Let me know what you think. Email me at:

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