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High Strangeness at Bantam Lake

This week, my friend John returns to the show to discuss some high strangeness we experienced while camping at Bantam Lake. Located in Litchfield County, Connecticut, Bantam Lake is a large glacial lake that has family campgrounds as well as homes surrounding it. My family and friends would camp there every summer, and in high school and college, John would come along. And we encountered some weird things while on a few of our trips.

On one trip, when we were about 16, a bad thunderstorm rolled in while we were throwing rocks in the lake with some younger kids. After the storm, there was a large, deep gouge in the sand. It was unusual and didn’t make much sense. It wasn’t another camper, it wasn’t a boat, or anything else we could figure out. The sane was just gone.

We also discuss some UFO sightings we had. On one trip, John and I watched a red light in the sky for close to 45 minutes, before it zoomed off. On another trip, John was sitting at the water’s edge one night when he saw a number of lights in the sky begin to swirl around each other, almost dancing, before they disappeared.

What do you think caused the gouge in the sand? Do you have any weird experiences of high strangeness from your time spent out in the woods that you’d like to share? If so, email me at: jason@oddanduntold.com

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