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The Sasquatch Chronicles Controversy

This week, Scott Perry returns to the show to discuss the Sasquatch Chronicles controversy. Back in 2015, a report was published regarding the host of Sasquatch Chronicles, Wes Germer. In summary, the report alleges that Wes and his brother, Woody, fabricated their Bigfoot encounter, which was the impetus for their podcast. Several aspects of the story seem inconsistent with easily verifiable facts. The position and phase of the moon, as well as the weather conditions, were not what the brothers reported. And there were other inaccuracies and suspicious claims, as well.

Scott and I go through each section of the report and discuss it in relations to the original story told by Wes and Woody. While certain parts of the report seem to prove that there was some misinformation given by the brothers, other aspects seem to be red herrings and are not really suspicious at all.

So was their original story a complete lie? Did they just get certain parts of their story wrong? Some of that seems hard to believe, but we look at things from different angles to try to figure out the truth.

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