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Bigfoot Sightings in New York City

This week, I’m discussing some Bigfoot sightings in a very unusual place: New York City! Most people think of heavily wooded and secluded places like the Pacific Northwest when Bigfoot is mentioned. And although New York is famous for some Bigfoot sightings (such as in Whitehall or in the Adirondacks), nobody would ever associate Sasquatch with the Big Apple. But there are a handful of alleged sightings of the creature in the outer boroughs of New York City.

In 1885, witnesses reported a hairy wildman dancing on the shores of Rockaway Beach, in Queens. When the creature spotted Mr. John Ennis, the creature reportedly fled into the waves, disappearing into the ocean. Citizens armed themselves and searched for the creature, but it could not be found. Overall, the descriptions of the wildman sounded pretty much like a typical Bigfoot – a hairy “wild man” with auburn hair “as long as a horse’s mane.”

In late 1974 and early 1975, witnesses on Staten Island also reported a tall, hairy humanoid stalking the roads and woods around historic Richmond Town. These sightings were isolated to December and January, and in once instance the creature allegedly roared at the witnesses “like a bear.” Once again, the creature was never found,m and was never seen on Staten Island again. Both Queens and Staten Island are only a few miles from Manhattan.

Bonus Cryptids

I also talk about some other cryptids in New York City: the flying humanoid of Coney Island, and the baby elephant of Bay Ridge, both located in Brooklyn. Was Mothman spotted over Coney Island nearly 100 years before he arrived in Point Pleasant? Did the Jersey Devil visit the park? Or was it just a mad scientist testing his flying machine?

What are your thoughts on the alleged Bigfoot sightings in the New York City area? Have you ever seen any cryptids or weird beings in a large city? We’d love to hear your stories! Contact us at

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