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The Bodies on Mount Everest

This week, I’m taking a break from the paranormal to talk about a more down to earth yet still spooky topic. While we are all aware that some people climbing Mount Everest die during their endeavor, did you know that there are over 200 bodies of deceased climbers still on the slopes?

Sadly, those that die on Mount Everest typically do so in the so-called “death zone,” where conditions are obviously quite dangerous. The high elevations mean there is lower amounts of oxygen in the air. Combine that with treacherous terrain and harsh, unpredictable weather, along with freezing temperatures, and retrieval becomes just as deadly to the rescuers as it was to the climbers.

I discuss several of the more well-known climbers whose bodies remain on Mount Everest. Tsewang Paljor, also known as “Green Boots” for his neon green boots, died in a cave, and his body became a marker of sorts. David Sharp, a solo climber, stopped to rest in the same cave as Green Boots, only to succumb to cold and exhaustion. George Mallory, who coined the famous phrase “Because it’s there” ion regards to why he climbed Everest, was found many years after he perished on the mountain.

Women and Couples, Too

Hannelore Schmatz became the first woman to die on Mount Everest. And Francys Arsentiev, also known as “Sleeping Beauty,” died on the mountain, only to have her husband perish as well while he was searching for her. But there are many more people whose bodies still remain.

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