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The Long Island UFO Crash

This week, I take a closer look at the Long Island UFO crash incident! At approximately 7:00pm on November 24th, 1992, witnesses reported seeing an object fall into the woods of Southaven County Park in Shirley, Long Island. The object was described as being long, tube-like or oval in shape, glowing a blue color. After it crashed, locals said the woods were on fire, and that their electronics began acting weird. Higher than normal levels of radiation were reported in the area, and residents said their phones began acting weird. Allegedly, they would ring, but nobody would be on the line.

The park was said to have been closed off by mysterious men in black, and witnesses said trucks hauled out a mysterious “something” under tarps. There have even been reports of alien beings found alive at the crash site.

I spent many weekends in Mastic Beach as a kid, right near Shirley, and even visited Southaven Park. So this story is a bit near and dear to my heart, no matter what it was that crashed there.

What do you think crashed into Southaven Park back in 1992? Was this Long Island UFO crash New York’s very own Roswell? Have you ever seen a UFO? Contact us at

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