Investigating the Bantam Lake UFO
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Oddirondacks – Investigating the Bantam Lake UFO

Last summer, my father and my son both joined me in my investigation of the Bantam Lake UFO crash. Back in 2012, witnesses saw something large and green fall into Bantam Lake. Was it a UFO? Or just a meteorite? Was anything ever retrieved? The three of us set out on our rafts, armed with an EMF detector and a magnet on a string. We went to the bay where the object is alleged to have crashed, and spent time trying to find any evidence.

However, Bantam Lake is not in the Adirondacks, but is actually in the Berkshire Mountain range. However, it seemed fitting for this section of our site. Bantam Lake is located in Litchfield, Connecticut, and even the name “Litchfield” is unusual. The word “litch” comes from the German and Dutch language, and means corpse. It’s usually used to refer to some sort of undead creature, or wood spirit.

What do you think was behind the Bantam Lake UFO? Meteorite? Misidentification of something else? Or was it actually a UFO that crashed? Let us know in the comments, or email us at:

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