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Oddirondacks – The Purple UFO

Back in June of 2022, I went on a camping trip with Josh, Dustin, and Dan to Fawn Lake in the Jessup River Wild Forest area of the Adirondack Mountains. The weather was beautiful, with perfectly clear skies. On our first night there, Josh, Dustin and I went down to the lake to get a better view of the stars at the water’s edge. We could see lots of stars and constellations, but soon something else caught our eye. Directly above us, but very high up, was a fast-moving light – a purple UFO. It quickly turned white and kept moving briskly, before fading out. The night was still, calm and quiet. But we heard no engines, even though earlier and later, we could hear engines from planes which seemed to be flying much higher above us than this object.

We’re still not sure what we saw, but the video below is us experiencing it as it happened. And then we share our thoughts the following morning. What do you think this purple UFO was? Let us know your thoughs in the comments below, or email me at:

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