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The Cayuga Lake Monster

This past Memorial Day weekend, I took a camping trip up in Ithaca, New York. We stayed in Buttermilk Falls State Park, a beautiful waterfall area. But we also explored the town of Ithaca, Cornell University, and Cayuga Lake. Sitting on the banks of Cayuga Lake, I was too busy enjoying the beautiful view, and the warm weather to even consider lake monsters or this podcast. It wasn’t until I got home that I decided to see if the enormous lake had any legends surrounding it, and I was not too surprised to find out they had their very own Cayuga lake monster: Old Greeny.

In this episode, I discuss some of the legends of Old Greeny, which go back to the 1800’s. And while I didn’t personally have any sightings of the cryptid, I recount some historical accounts of the creature in Lake Cayuga, as well as a seemingly related creature in nearby Seneca Lake. Both lakes are part of the Finger Lakes, large glacial lakes in New York state that are long and thin, resembling fingers.

Skeptics say that the Cayuga Lake monster is nothing more than a misidentified sturgeon or eel. But there may be more to the legend of Old Greeny than a simple misidentification.

What do you think the Cayuga Lake monster is? What are your thoughts on lake monsters in general? Have you ever spotted a lake monster? We’d love to hear about it! Contact us at to tell us your story!

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