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Staten Island Ghost Stories

My friend John returns to the show once again, this time to talk about some Staten Island ghost stories! These are experiences John had himself, or were told to him by the father of his girlfriend at the time. He was dating a girl in college who lived in a very old part of Staten Island, and spooky things were afoot.

John’s personal experiences started the first night he spent in the house. Before bed, he spotted a white figure peeking into the room he was staying in. As the night wore on, he started hearing strange sounds in the dark. First, some glass breaking, and then, slow but heavy footsteps, ascending the stairs up to the bedroom he was in. The next morning while shaving, he heard a muffled conversation outside the bathroom door. Later, he discovered that nobody else was in the home except his girlfriend. Who was still sleeping.

Upon telling his girlfriend’s father what happened, he told John some stories of an enigmatic entity that was seen in the neighborhood: a large, smiling man. The father had seen this man a few times, once sitting on a wall at 3:30am, and another time in the back seat of his car at night. Was this the Grinning Man of paranormal folklore? Indrid Cold? or just some strange person out too late in the early morning hours?

What do you think John experienced that night? Did he encounter a Staten Island ghost? Have you ever heard strange footsteps, or seen the Grinning Man? We’d love to hear about it! Contact us at to tell us your story!

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