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This week, my friend John returns to the show to discuss some more Brooklyn ghost stories! John lived for many years in a Brooklyn apartment, in a building owned by my family. While there, John had a few experiences that he cannot explain. One involved a shadow person, and another seemed to be an encounter with a haunted doll. In this episode, John tells of some stories of he and his daughter being touched by seemingly unseen entities.

We also discuss some stories that some of my family members have had in the building, both in John’s apartment as well as other areas of the building. My uncle seems to have caught an EVP in the basement many years ago, and I caught an unusual sound (that has a creepy story associated with it after the fact) back in 2005.

John will return soon to share more Brooklyn ghost stories, and maybe some from Staten Island as well!

What do you think of John’s stories of being touched? Who – or what – do you think is haunting the building in Brooklyn? If you have thoughts, or weird stories of your own you’d like to share, email me at:

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