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For this week’s episode, I get sucked down a rabbit hole I usually try to avoid: Reddit! I came across this thread of creepy Reddit stories submitted by online readers, and just a few stories in, I was finding tales that reminded me of some of my own. Or in some cases, experiences of people I know who have related them to me in the past.

Creepy Tales

The first story concerns an enigmatic stranger who spies on a family from afar. Who was he? Did the family know him? And why didn’t they ever tell the police? Then in the second story, the writer describes some strange orbs of light she experienced one night while camping. I’ve heard stories from friends about these weird men that seem to be known by the parents, but who continue to harass the family. And I also know people who has seen these strange light orbs – myself included.

In our third tale, I read an account about a light that was turned on by itself – even though it needed a pull chain to be switched on. I recall a story from my childhood where something similar happened. Apparently, my bedroom light seemingly turned on by itself, even though a light switch dimmer needed to be used in order to turn it on.

In our last story, a man tells of a strange, shadowy figure he spotted on a security camera that seemed to have a mind of its own. Of course, we’ve already had a few shadow person stories here on the podcast. My friend John saw one outside his apartment window. And my son saw one in his bedroom.

What do you think of each of these creepy Reddit stories? If you have thoughts, or weird stories of your own you’d like to share, email me at:

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