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Ghosts, Bigfoot, and Alaskan Cryptids

This week I’m joined by Heidi Worley, who shares a personal ghost story as well as some possible Bigfoot encounters she has had in the Ozarks. Heidi is also a researcher in Alaska, and talks about some of her favorite Alaskan cryptids!

First, Heidi shares a spooky story from her childhood. A kindly old man and his dog befriend her, but then she finds out he may not be what she thought. Then she discusses two incidents in the Ozarks, one from when she was a kid camping with her father, and another from when she moved into a new house with her boyfriend. What came into their camp and went through their belongings? What made the blood-curdling howl they heard? And what was throwing rocks at her and her boyfriend as they moved into their new home?

Lastly, Heidi tells me about some Alaskan cryptids. The Caribou Man is a humanoid figure with antlers, similar to a Wendigo. Otter Man is a Bigfoot-like creature that is often seen swimming, and is reputed to drag people into the water. Then there’s the Iliamna Lake monster, Thunderbird sightings, and the strange story of an alleged pyramid buried under the tundra.

Heidi has a wealth of information about Alaskan cryptids and other incidents of high strangeness, and I look forward to having her back on the show!

What Do You Think?

What do you think was throwing rocks at Heidi and her boyfriend? What came into her camp? And what is your favorite cryptid? If you have thoughts, or weird stories of your own you’d like to share, email me at:

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