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This week we are talking about the Missing 411 phenomenon! Scott Perry and Josh Diaz return to the show to share their thoughts on the work of David Paulides. The Missing 411 books and films explore the numerous mysterious disappearances of people all across the national parks of North America. Paulides realized that not much attention was given to these cases. The deeper he dug, the more he realized how strange they were. Many of them shared the same circumstances, and Paulides decided to document all the cases that fell into this category.

While some of the cases are probably due in part to nothing more than natural causes, others are not so easily explained. Bodies are found where searchers previously searched. Children or infirm adults are found miles away from where they disappeared. Some are found alive, and have no memory of how they got to where they were. Others disappear without a trace. And the phenomenon seems to affect people from all walks of life. Many children disappear mysteriously. But many experienced hikers and hunters seem to, as well.

Skeptics believe there’s nothing strange about these disappearances. But others are not so sure. So we talk about some of the theories out there. Serial killers, cults, Bigfoot, and even UFOs have been blamed over the years. But like many mysteries, we may never truly know what’s behind these strange vanishings.

What do you think is behind the Missing 411 phenomenon? Bigfoot? Portals? Something supernatural? Or is it all explainable? Email me at: jason@oddanduntold.com

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