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Exorcisms and Demonic Possession | Episode 16

I’m joined once again by my friend Josh Diaz to discuss exorcisms and demonic possession! I’ve had Josh on the show before. Once to talk about a weird encounter we had in the Adirondacks, And he joined Scott Perry and myself for our very first Bigfoot roundtable discussion. Josh has training in the Protestant form of exorcism, called deliverance, and we discuss various approaches and schools of thought when it comes to alleged demonic possession. We of course share our love of The Exorcist and the cultural impact it had on moviegoers.

While Josh is a religious man and approaches things more spiritually, I have a BA in psychology, and so we also look at things from a mental illness standpoint. Can all cases of so-called demonic possession be explained away as psychological issues in the victim? Or are there rare cases where there are, in fact, supernatural forces at work? We may never truly know the answers to these questions, but Josh and I talk about the dangers of relying too heavily on religion – as well as science.

Do you have any thoughts about exorcisms and demonic possession? If so, we’d love to hear them! Email me at: jason@oddanduntold.com

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