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Bigfoot Sighting in Oregon with Author Greg Walter | Episode 18

This week I’m joined on the show by author Greg Walter! A veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, a research historian for public lands, and a board member of the Crater Lake and Oregon Caves Natural History Association, Greg is also the author of two novels: The Ridgewalkers: When Legend Becomes an Encounter, and Ridgewalkers: In Two Worlds. In this week’s episode, Greg recounts his encounter with a Bigfoot in the woods of Oregon, which inspired him to write his novels. We also discuss the little people of the woods, which are alternately referred to as elves, fairies, fae folk, or puckwudgies in the Northeast.

Due to the nature of his encounter, Greg feels like Bigfoot and other cryptids may enter our world through portals. But he also discusses his interactions with elders of First Nations Tribes, and how it led him to a greater understanding of the Bigfoot mystery.

Greg has graciously given his email address (listed below) so feel free to contact him with any questions!

What do you think Bigfoot really is? Do you agree with Greg Walter that they are coming from another dimension? or do you believe they are just an undiscovered primate? Email me at:

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