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‘Fortean Times’ To Release 400th Issue

Fortean Times Cover 400thFor anyone with a deep interest in the paranormal, supernatural, or just unexplained mysteries in general, there is perhaps no name more familiar to them than that of Charles Fort. A journalist and aspiring naturalist, Fort published a number of books in the early 20th century regarding anomalous phenomena. He mused on a variety of topics, such as teleportation, out of place artifacts, strange falls from the sky (frogs, fish, etc.), ball lightning, spontaneous human combustion, human levitation, ghost and poltergeist activity, unexplained sounds and explosions (think the Barisal Guns), unidentified flying objects, mysterious disappearances of people, and pretty much any other odd or unusual phenomena you can think of. Hence, followers of Fort (namely, others interested in and researchers of such phenomena) became known as Forteans, and the study of these uncategorizables came to be known as Forteana.

Later this week, the monthly magazine Fortean Times will publish it’s milestone 400th issue. Started back in 1973 (then just called The News and not becoming Fortean Times until 1976), the publication features monthly articles on all sorts of Forteana – cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, UFOs, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena, mysterious deaths, urban legends, and all else that was of interest to Charles Fort, and beyond. Releasing on December 3rd, the landmark 400th issue of the Fortean Times will feature stories such as:

  • A diver who encountered a mermaid
  • A vet from another dimension
  • Time slips
  • A school witch
  • And much more!

The 400th issue will hit newsstands later this week on December 3rd, and will also be available digitally on their website. Read the full press release below, h/t to Emma Turner for letting us know!

Fortean Times 400th Issue