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Shoppers Claim Kohls Parking Lot is Haunted

We love finding patterns here at The Occult Section. We did a story not too long ago about a haunted car wash, and now there’s this story about a haunted Kohl’s parking lot. Well, perhaps the only link here is cars, but I still think it’s funny whenever people immediately jump to the haunted explanation.

A Kohl's parking lot is supposedly haunted by ghosts
…like for your car not to start in our parking lot!

TINLEY PARK, Ill. — People clam that a weird force seems to be taking over the Kohl’s parking lot in Tinley Park.

About 20 to 30 different shoppers could not get into their cars and appeared to be locked out.  Even their key fobs would not unlock the doors.

When cars were towed from the parking lot, everything worked fine.

“I went out there with the other key fob thinking that they key fob was dead, the battery was dead, and so we got the other one and I brought it out there and there was nothing,” said Ken Hopman, mom’s car disabled.

Five women were killed in that strip mall five years ago.

Police are not ready to blame ghosts yet. They say it is probably some kind of radio interference.

It’s funny how many times we come across people thinking a place has to be haunted because a person or people may have died at the location. One of the things many paranormal groups do when investigating a place is research to see if any murders/suicides/untimely deaths happened at a location. And while this is a sound theory, it doesn’t necessarily mean that untimely deaths automatically mean the ghosts of the departed are lingering around. The Earth has been around for a long time, and I’m guessing that at this point, nearly every inch of it has had a death of someone or something on it. So by that logic, everywhere you go is haunted. Think about that when you’re falling asleep tonight…