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Kate Middleton’s Parents are Haunted by an Ancester of Princess Diana

I didn’t think anything was more intimidating than a headless horseman. I mean, just imagine it. If I saw a headless horseman riding down 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, I’d probably immediately leave for, say, Idaho. And never, ever come back. But there is something worse than a headless horseman. FOUR HEADLESS HORSEMEN. Or six. The article is a little fuzzy on deets. Point of story is, multiple horsemen with no heads, riding around and being all scary.

Kate Middleton’s parents are seeing the ghost of Lady Winchcombe (an ancestor of Princess Diana’s), as well as the aforementioned headless horsemen, at their new manor home.

Headless horsemen at Kate Middleton's Parents' Home
The best way I could think of to encapsulate England and a headless horseman in a neat little package.

A ghost related to Princess Diana is haunting the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, the Sunday People has revealed.

At midnight, the spectre of Lady Frances Winchombe is said to ride with four headless coachmen past Michael and Carole Middletons’ new home, a £4.7 million manor, in Bucklebury, Berks.

The restless banshee, who died of a broken heart after her husband cheated on her, ended her life in the area.

Councillor Wynne Frankum said: “The story of Lady Winchcombe is well known around here. The ghost is a chariot drawn by six black horses driven by headless postillions and a lady clad in white.”

Michael, 63, and Carole, 57, invited expectant parents William, 30, and Kate, 31, to the Grade II listed Georgian house over the Christmas holidays.

And residents report strange noises coming from Lady Winchcombe’s coach, said to rattle along the lane there.

The article goes on to state that Lady Winchcombe, despondent over her husband’s infidelity, starved herself to death in 1718. So it’s pretty clear to me what the “strange noises” are…..the restless Lady is hungry! Her stomach is growling and she is roaming the countryside for food. Somebody bring the woman a sandwich!