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UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record

It’s usually hard to find books on UFOs that don’t make me cringe. I’ve read hundreds of books on UFOs, and most of them are nothing more than a step up from being National Enquirer quality “journalism.” They tend to take witness testimony as fact, even when that testimony is (and pardon the pun) out of this world.

But there has been a lot of buzz about this new book by Leslie Kean, which collects UFO testimony from some highly credible witnesses, including five U.S. generals and a former governor (I’m guessing the former governor of Arizona, and not the former pro wrestler). I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Available August 10, 2010
Harmony Books, an imprint of The Crown Publishing Group / Random House, Inc.

leslie kean, ufos: generals, pilots and government officials go on the recordThe reality of UFOs—a subject of intense interest to the general public —has now been verified at the highest levels. Based on a ten-year investigation, journalist Leslie Kean’s new book pulls back the curtain on the incredible occurrences of unexplained behavior by unknown objects over many decades, and the results are astonishing.

We know that of all UFO sightings reported, 95 percent can be explained as ordinary phenomena. However, within that remaining 5 percent, spectacular well-documented UFO events have been officially investigated by government agencies around the world, yet no conventional explanations were found.

In combination with her own insightful research, Kean has brought together over a dozen highly credible aviation witnesses and official investigators – including five generals and a former U.S. governor – who reveal the facts about UFOs in riveting, personal accounts written exclusively for this book. John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton and co-chair of President Obama’s transition team, provides a foreword. Kean offers a practical and achievable plan for US Government involvement in a step-by-step process to uncover what these unidentified objects are – and ultimately, what they may mean for all of us.

If anyone wants to buy this for me, my birthday was…well, over 3 months ago, but I’d appreciate the gesture nonetheless 🙂