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Bigfoot Damaged RV, says Sasquatch Hunter

Sometimes a story just smells fishy from the get-go, and this is one of those stories. I’m not sure why the police would make up a story about this guy stating that a Bigfoot attacked his trailer. Then again, maybe they were just trying to shame him. On the other hand, maybe this guy was trying to get a little media attention for his Bigfoot hunting group, and then recanted because, well, he didn’t want to make it look like he was only trying to get attention for his Bigfoot hunting group. Whatever the case may be, there was some damage done to a trailer. Yep.

Lykens man says Bigfoot damaged his Winnegabo
What kind of monster would destroy such a thing of beauty?

LYKENS, Pa. (WHTM) – A Lykens man who had the taillights and windows smashed out of his motor home told a state trooper he has seen bigfoots in the area where the crime occurred.

State police in Lykens said the trooper was called to John Reed’s home in the 400 block of Division Street, where Reed reported that he has seen bigfoots near his 1973 Winnebago on Lykens Road in Jackson Township.

Police said Reed told them that after he had turned on the RV’s outside light, a bigfoot began throwing rocks at the light to prevent being discovered. Reed, however, provided a different account to abc27 News Friday afternoon. He said he believes the crime was committed by vandals.

Reed is a self-described bigfoot tracker and a founder of the Lykens Valley Sasquatch Hunters. His postings on the group’s Facebook page refer to the RV as “The Doghouse,” their official base camper.

The Facebook postings indicate the damage done to the camper was found during bigfoot hunts on September 11 and September 28.

Reed told abc27 News that he’s seen a bigfoot three times.

“While we were in the camper, I seen something walk by the window, not just walk by but kind of duck down like it was trying to duck under the window, like he didn’t want to see us,” Reed said. “I thought maybe one of my friends was messing with me until I realized the window was six-foot high. What I seen was the back of something’s head which was covered in hair, like six, seven-inch hair.”

Whether or not bigfoot is to blame for the RV damage, a state police spokesman said the incident is being taken seriously and will be investigated.

“We take every call seriously, whether it involves bigfoot or nor,” Trooper Adam Reed said. “The bottom line is there was some damage done, there was some vandalism done to his property.”

Another thing that stands out is that the state trooper and this Bigfoot hunter have the same last name. That might be worth digging into, to see if there’s any relation or connection. Also, the writer of this article needs to look at our post regarding the correct spelling and pluralization of “Bigfoot.”