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Photo of the Week: Lightning Storm, New York City

This week’s photo was taken in an apartment on the Lower East Side of New York City. The apartment was in an old tenement building, where a man once committed suicide by jumping out of a window of one of the rear apartments, and where another woman was burned by having acid thrown in her face by a jealous lover. The apartment had reports of strange lights, footsteps, and residents would have an odd feeling of being watched. A thunderstorm was raging outside, and Laura caught this photo. Some ghost hunters believe that paranormal activity increases during lightning storms, because there is more ionization in the atmosphere, and that the ghosts can use this energy to manifest more strongly. Other people feel like this is just the human mind attributing more things to the paranormal during thunderstorms, since thunder and lighting make for a “spooky” feel in general. What do you think?

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