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Halloween Ghost Stories | Episode 21

This week we celebrate our first Halloween as a podcast! And we have a bunch of creepy Halloween ghost stories for you! My friend Paula joins me, along with her twin sister Olivia and foster sister Rachel, to discuss spooky encounters they had while growing up. Olivia is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, and her new song “Moonlight” is the intro and outro music for this week’s show!

The girls grew up in an old home in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The house allegedly sits on one of the oldest Native American reservations in New Jersey, if not the United States. Ove the years they have had many spooky encounters they cannot explain. Disembodied voices, apparitions and shadow people, orbs of light, and just general feelings of being watched. Or a strange presence being in the room with them.

We also discuss sleep paralysis and night terrors, and the entity known as the Hat Man. Rachel and I also talk about some weird visions we’ve had while camping deep in the woods. Sopm,e creepy stuff to be sure!

Do you have any Halloween ghost stories you’d like to share? Or any strange encounters you’ve had? We’d love to have you on the show! Email me at: jason@oddanduntold.com

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