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The Haunted Guest Room | Episode 20

This week I welcome back my friend John! Back in Episode 7: Shadow Person in Brooklyn, John detailed a frightening experience he had with a dark figure in the window of his old apartment. This week, he talks about two separate incidents that happened while he stayed in the seemingly haunted guest room of my old Bay Ridge apartment. Each of these encounters took place in the same guest room, but they were a few years apart. And he was with a different girlfriend each time. Both experiences were eerily similar, and they convinced John to never sleep there again.

We also discuss some of my own experiences with that particular haunted guest room. Voices, movement, and just a general feeling of being watched were things I experienced in that room as well over the years. And lastly, we talk about some other people who had bizarre things happen to them while staying in the room. People who were unaware of the others’ stories. It all adds up to something strange and scary happening in the apartment, which many people encountered. Was the room haunted by ghosts? Or was some other phenomenon at play here?

Do you have a personal ghost story you’d like to share? Or any strange encounters you’ve had? We’d love to have you on the show! Email me at:

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