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A Residual Haunting | Episode 22

This week! I handle some follow-up to some previous episodes, mainly Animal Ghosts and The Haunted Guest Room. For more animal ghost stories, I talk about my dog Belle, and how she seemingly sensed something at my apartment door. She growled heavily, which was quite out of character for her. And I added a bit to John’s story from The Haunted Guest Room episode. In it, he describes what he felt was an animal sniffing at the bedroom door, and pacing back and forth. I had forgotten to mention that my grandparents once owned a Dalmatian named Cindy.

We still don’t know if what he experienced was the ghost of Cindy, or another pet. Or if it was even a ghost at all. But it was an interesting bit of context we wanted to add to the story. I speak about a residual haunting experience I had in my Brooklyn apartment, and how those kinds of hauntings differ from active hauntings. I also take a moment to thank all my listeners and watchers, everyone in my audience. And of course, all my guests, without whom I’d have no show. I also give some shout outs to some other podcasts I enjoy.

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