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‘Ghost Hunters’ Canceled Again?

Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters on A&EFunnily enough, I don’t really follow Ghost Hunters news. But every now and then, I come across some, mostly by accident. Honestly, I stopped watching the show after the second season, when things started getting really ridiculous, and the show mutated from seemingly serious paranormal investigations – where they hardly found any evidence and Jason Hawes would never, ever say a location was haunted – to what it had ultimately become: a weekly circus of “what was that?” and “did you hear that?” and literally every place they investigated being haunted and the team finding tons of highly questionable “evidence.” There was also the jacket-tug hoaxing scandal during one of their live Halloween events, and I (along with most other people with three or more brain cells) lost interest in the obvious ratings grab that the show had become. Grant, who I always liked (I felt he was the more sincere and legitimate of the two founders) eventually left the show under somewhat mysterious circumstances, and in his absence, Hawes continued the show with Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango.

Eventually, the SyFy Channel canceled Ghost Hunters (or Hawes and TAPS walked away from their lucrative contract – you decide), and the show was in limbo for a long time, with Hawes continually promising that something new was coming. Fast forward to summer of 2019, where Hawes announces that he, Gonsalves, and Tango would be returning for a new ghost hunting show, Ghost Nation, to air on (where else?) the Travel Channel.

But in a shocking turn of events, at around the same time, none other than Grant Wilson himself announced that he would be returning to the original Ghost Hunters – which would now air on A&E. Grant was back and investigating the paranormal again, touting the Ghost Hunters name, but with an all new team of young, eager paranormal investigators. Once the news broke, a cold war of sorts seemed to have started between Jason and Grant, with Jason allegedly referring to former best friend Grant at one point as “someone we used to work with” when it came down to logo ownership or some such nonsense. And to this day, I haven’t seen any real evidence of them being buddy-buddy (I do follow Grant on Instagram, but not Jason).

Anyways, Ghost Hunters returned, and aired for a full season. I haven’t watched the show, so I can’t speak to its content or quality, but as I’ve always maintained, Grant seems like a good guy, and always came across as the more stand-up of the two, so I can only hope it had more integrity than the last iteration. But then COVID-19 struck, and a lot of our lives were put on hold or turned upside down, and it seems the future of the newly rebooted Ghost Hunters isn’t immune to the effects of coronavirus. I came across this post on Grant’s Instagram earlier this week, and while he doesn’t have any definitive information, it does seem that there’s some possibility that the future of Ghost Hunters might be in doubt, yet again.

Watch below to see what Grant has to say:

I do wish Grant well, and hope, for his sake, that his show comes back. I always felt like he left the original show because he didn’t like the direction it was taking in later years. Or he was maybe not getting along with Jason Hawes. Possibly (and probably) a little of both. But who knows. Time will tell, but for now, Ghost Hunters is once again in basic cable renewal limbo.