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Beware of the Black-Eyed Kids

It’s late at night, you’re watching a movie, and someone knocks at your door. What in the world? It’s almost midnight!

You drag yourself out of your comfy couch to meet two little kids at your front door.

“We are lost,” One of the kids say. “Can we come in to use your phone?”

Of course, you would let the poor kids in. It’s dark and freezing outside. Who knows what creatures and creepers may be lurking out there.

But something stops you from letting the kids inside. Sudden chills shoot down your spine, a great sense of dread hovers over you.

You carefully examine the children. They finally look up at you with their black eyes. Panic runs amok in your mind.

“Shut the door!” Your mind screams. “Shut the damn door!”

You slam the door in the kids’ faces, lock it, and race to your bedroom. You don’t sleep the entire night, the next, or the night after.

Congratulations, you just met your first Black-Eyed Kids (BEKs). Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Black-Eyed Kid Encounters

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One of the earliest BEK stories came out of Abilene, Texas in 1995.

One night, reporter Brian Bethel was in the process of paying bills before two strange, hooded boys approached his car. They needed a ride home because they “forgot” to bring money to see Mortal Kombat.

Bethel was hesitant in this case. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. As soon as the boys revealed their black eyes, Bethel sped off the parking lot. When he looked back, the kids were gone.

Bethel isn’t the kind of man to be lying about such events, even if there are a bit out of the ordinary.

“I have no interest in creating that is false, that is unethical in which I do.” Bethel comments in one interview.

Before you ask if these kids were wearing contacts, black sclera contacts were too expensive at the time for an average kid to buy. Plus, they are quite uncomfortable to wear for long.

Since Bethel’s case, BEK sightings have been reported all around the US and Europe. Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley mentions BEKs in Cannock Chase, England. Two men in France saw mysterious beings with black eyes the size of “billiard balls” surrounding a house.

What Happens When You Let Them In?

What happens when you invite BEKs into your home? From one report, it’s not pretty.

A Vermont couple made the mistake of letting two BEKs into their home one late, snowy night. The couple’s cats started acting up, the power went out, and the husband’s nose started bleeding.

Later, the kids finally left to reunite with their parents: two tall men in suits.

The cats disappeared, the wife kept having dizzy spells, and the husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer. He showed no signs of such illness before the kids arrived.

Black-Eyed Adults?

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So, we got BEKs haunting the innocent and bringing misfortune. Any adults out there? According to one woman, there are. She shares her story of meeting Black-Eyed Adults when she was a girl scout:

“The elderly people saw me and got really excited. From far away I thought their eyes looked black, but I assumed it was just because of the distance between us. I didn’t make anything of it, but I thought something was off about them when they started excitedly running up to me. I put a smile on my face. and said hello as they were running up. But my smile turned into an expression of horror when they came right by me, and I saw that their eyes truly were pitch black. They had no whites in their eyes.”(Source)

Do BEKs eventually grow up? Are there different types? Are the black eyes merely signs of demonic possession?

Who are the Black-Eyed Kids?

Could BEKs be demons? Maybe vampires since they must ask permission before they’re let into any house.

Writer G. Michael Vasey hints in his book Your Haunted Lives: The Black-Eyed Kids they may be the Otkon, evil entities from Iroquois legends:

“—The Iroquois Indians believed in a dark power called the Otkon that could take over children and an ‘Evil One’ who would mate with human females to produce black-eyed, chalky skinned, children. These children were killed by the tribe soon after birth and burned to stop them from resurrecting. Children wandering alone in the woods could also be taken over by Otkon and would re-emerge with black eyes and pale skin acting nervously while repeating themselves over and over. Their goal was to destroy the tribe and infect all of the people with Otkon.”

Vasey also hinted BEKs (specifically little girls) may be the Acheri. These menacing spirits from Indian mythology came down from mountains bringing illness and death. They’re powerful against the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

Another theory: BEKs are aliens. Going back to the Vermont couple’s story, mysterious men in suits picked up the kids. Men in Black vibes anyone?

Were these men using the Vermont couple as bait for the BEKs? Who knows what the top-secret government is up to these days.


Since BEK news have been running rapid across the internet (especially Reddit), people have made movies, books, and toys in their likeness. BEKs have been added to the famed Creepypasta urban legends along with Slenderman and Jeff the Killer.

Will we ever know the BEKs’ real purpose? Perhaps one day we’ll meet a lucky survivor who will give us the full scoop.

As for now, beware of the Black-Eyed Kids. Whatever you do, don’t let them inside your home.

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