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UFO Enthusiast Claims to See Sheep-Man Face on Mars

Ah, pareidolia! Or matrixing, for those tongue-tied types out there. It’s one of the many things paranormal investigators have to contend with when reviewing photos, and we’ve done so many blog posts talking about it, I should just put a page here on the blog with the definition so that I can just keep redirecting people back towards it. In a nutshell, pareidolia, or matrixing, is a psychological phenomenon that causes our brains to see meaningful shapes and patterns in randomness. Think about looking up at the clouds and seeing a puppy or a face. Or those people who think they see the Virgin Mary in a piece of grilled cheese. Or UFO nuts who think every rock on Mars is a face sculpted by ancient aliens. To wit

UFO enthusiast claims to see sheep-man carved in Mars rock in NASA photo
I mean, how could you NOT see that this is totally a sheep-man hybrid carved by ancient aliens on the surface of Mars?

A weekend post on the popular website ufosightingsdaily.com said that a highly detailed face of a species of alien was spotted on Mars on July 28.

The face is half sheep and half human, and “look carefully and you will see the upper and lower lips, chin, jaw, cheeks, eye, nose, nostrils, and long flowing hair,” according to the website, maintained by blogger Scott C. Waring.

And that ain’t all, folks.

“Last year I found a similar sheep-human face on Mars,” the post states. “For some reason its a difficult thing for people accept when they first see them.”

In March, UFO Sightings Daily said someone in Japan who was scrutinizing photos released by NASA discovered another the strange creature’s image – this one could be a rat or lizard.

The funniest part of this to me is how this person finds it hard to believe that people won’t readily accept his explanation of this sheep-man on Mars. I mean, at least the NASA rat photo at least kinda looked like a rat.