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Pink Believes Her Daughter Willow Sees Ghosts

The list of celebrities who make outlandish paranormal claims seems to just keep on growing. The newest famous knucklehead? Pink. Yes, Pink, who has apparently never taken even a beginner’s level psychology class, or cracked open a book on child development, believes her 13-month old daughter can see ghosts.

pink singer thinks daughter willow sees ghosts
Yeah…maybe lay off the hair dye for a little while…

Pop star Pink is convinced her daughter is able to see ghosts.

The So What hitmaker believes her 13-month-old little girl, Willow, has a connection with the spiritual world as she often appears to be conversing with invisible beings.

Speaking on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show, she says, “Oh for sure, absolutely. She sees spirits all the time… it’s true. I think they can totally see spirits and Willow has been trying to hand her cookie to something that she laughs at right in front of her face for the last six months.”

I don’t know what it is about having buttloads of money, but it apparently decreases your IQ. Anyone who knows anything about children knows that at this age, they are exploring their world, beginning to develop their imaginations, and are generally amazed at the world around them, no matter how mundane it may now seem to us. Yes, I know the theory is that children and animals are more open to the paranormal world. And it can sometimes be a bit spooky for us to watch. But sometimes dogs just act funny. They can hear things we can’t, smell things we can’t. It doesn’t mean it’s a ghost, even if that is a remote possibility. So Pink, maybe she’s not seeing ghosts. Maybe she’s just sensing a breeze on her face, or discovering new colors. The most rational explanation is usually the correct one, folks.