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Episode 5: All Things Bigfoot with Scott Perry – Part 1

This week, I welcome Bigfoot researcher and enthusiast Scott Perry! In Part 1 of our chat, Scott and I talk about all things Bigfoot. We start out with sasquatch road crossings and why they seem so prevalent. We also discuss alleged sasquatch behaviors like tree knocks and rock throwing, contemplate the dangers of extreme skepticism and blind belief, hoaxes, analyzing evidence, and more!

I could talk to Scott for days about Bigfoot, and this particular talk went for two hours before we had to call it a night. Tune in next week for Part 2, where Scott and I continue talking about Bigfoot! We will discuss varying sasquatch types in different parts of North America, as well as some personal experiences – a rock throwing incident my wife experienced up in Maine, and a sighting Scott and his wife had of a potential UFO.

Sadly, we didn’t get to discuss the alleged “primate skull” found in British Columbia by Animal Planet host Coyote Peterson, as the news broke while we were recording this episode. We will probably discuss it in future episodes, but for now you can check out my analysis of the skull, and why many of us knew it was a fake before Peterson admitted it.

Enjoy my chat with Scott!