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Episode 6: All Things Bigfoot with Scott Perry – Part 2

This week, I continue my chat with researcher & enthusiast Scott Perry, as we talk all things Bigfoot. And today is also his birthday! Happy birthday, Scott!

Here in Part 2, we discuss witnesses being unwilling or afraid to tell their stories, types of Bigfoot species and how they vary according to climate and terrain, more Bigfoot behaviors, the pro-kill vs. no-kill debate, and much more. Scott also recounts an experience he and his wife had with a possible UFO in Upstate New York, and I tell the story of my wife’s rock-throwing incident in the woods of Maine. We also touch on ghosts, the desire for people to believe and how it clouds their judgment, and the quality of witnesses and their testimony.

Scott has some fascinating views on the sasquatch phenomenon, and has a keen eye for detail. I love how he focuses in on the small details. Details most researchers either don’t consider, or don’t spend much time on. I could chat with Scott for days about Bigfoot, and he will definitely be back on the show soon!

Thanks again to Scott Perry for coming on and giving his unique perspectives!