Bear or Bigfoot? With Josh Diaz
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Episode 4: Bear or Bigfoot? with Josh Diaz

This week I talk with my good buddy Josh Diaz of Diaz Wilderness Adventures! Josh and I met back in 2019 and have been camping in the Adirondacks many times since. We tend to do remote, backwoods camping, and we always have a great time. Our nighttime campfire chats have become a tradition, ranging from relationships to religion to politics, and yes, even the paranormal. And it was during one particular campfire chat at Ross Pond where we encountered something truly frightening. Something big, yet unseen, entered our camp, and to this day we continue to wonder: was it just a bear? Or could it have been Bigfoot?

Be sure to check out Josh’s YouTube channel, Diaz Wilderness Adventures! Josh has lots of awesome camping videos on his channel, from solo adventures with his dog Jax, to trips he and I have taken together, and even some trips with his whole family. And after watching the video, let us know what you think. What did we see? Bear or Bigfoot?