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Episode 3: The Occult Section

Episode 3 is here, and this week I take a slightly different approach. No guest for this installment, as I just wanted to introduce the podcast a bit. Furthermore, I wanted to explain how and why my old site, The Occult Section, changed into this new site – Odd & Untold. This is an abbreviated, yet more personal entry. But I wanted everyone to know why I changed things up, and what I hope to do moving forward. It was tough to say goodbye to The Occult Section. I had worked on it for over 10 years. But I’m excited about the future and some of the guests we will be having on the show.

Next week, it’s back to more cool paranormal stories! I’ll be joined by my good friend Josh Diaz from Diaz Wilderness Adventures, as we discuss camping in the Adirondacks, and some strange experiences we’ve had out in the woods!