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Book Review: Bigfoot Casebook Updated

Bigfoot Casebook Updated by Janet and Colin Bord
Bigfoot Casebook Updated by Janet and Colin Bord


Love Bigfoot history?

Janet and Colin Bord’s Bigfoot Casebook Updated contains many Bigfoot witness stories (complete with legit sources) dating back to 1818. Something’s going on if people have been seeing Bigfoot all this time.

Not only does the book offers sightings in America, but various parts of Canada.

The Bords have done an excellent job collecting and updating their Bigfoot material from the previous edition. Some encounters you’ll read were harmless, some downright scary, and others…pretty weird.

You’ll find the Myakka Skunk Ape in this book.

The Full Details

Don’t you hate it when you read a decent cryptid book, but it has no pictures? The Bigfoot Casebook is packed with eyewitnesses’ drawings and photos of Bigfoot from all over the US and Canada.

Fun fact: One of the first Bigfoot sightings mentioned in a newspaper was New York’s Exeter Watchman on September 22, 1818.

Remember when I mentioned some Bigfoot encounters went from harmless to strange as all get out? Some reports you’ll discover Bigfoot destroying property and killing livestock. Typical behavior from a forest creature.

Meanwhile, there are positive encounters like what happened to this California man:

“Acting as a guide for gold prospectors, he was exploring alone at the foot of Mount Shasta California when he was bitten by a snake. He fainted after killing it, and when he came to, he found himself surrounded by three Bigfeet 8-10 tall which had treated his wound and were carrying him down a trail. They left him under a tree, and from there he was able to alert the prospectors.” P.28, The Bigfoot Casebook Updated

How sweet! Some Bigfeet mean no harm. Now, here’s a story of the weirder side of a white bigfoot spotted in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania:

“On the evening of 27 September 1973 at about 9:30 p.m. two girls were waiting for a lift in a country area when they saw a white, hairy creature with red eyes, standing 7-8 feet tall, in the woods. Even more surprising was the fact that it carried a luminous sphere in its hand. Shocked, the girls ran home and told what they have seen to the father of one of them. He went into the woods to search for the creature and was away for more than an hour.

The WCUFOSG (Westmoreland County UFO Study Group) investigator know the girl’s father when confirmed that his daughter had seen the Bigfoot, but he denied that he had gone into the woods and forbade anyone else to go into the woods, stating that ‘Some things are better left alone.’ Several people in the area stated that during the time the man was in the woods an object that looked like an airplane was seen stationary in the sky above the woods, and that it shone a bright beam of light down into the trees.

Since the incident, the man appeared to have experienced a personality change, according to the people close to him. Soon afterwards he acquired a book of prophecies and would often talk about the coming of the end of the world.” -P. 130-131, The Bigfoot Casebook Updated

You’ll find similar strange tales throughout the Casebook. Unfortunately, the book doesn’t cover any details if the Bigfeet species are psychic beings associated with UFOs or not. Still, you’ll wonder.


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The Bigfoot Casebook Updated has all you’ll want to know on the latest Bigfoot sightings. Well, at least up to 2004.

You can use this book as a guide to visit the Bigfoot sighting locations mentioned. Some of them include:


  • Benton, WI
  • Fouke, AR
  • Greenville, MS
  • Kickapoo Creek, IL
  • Louisville, KY
  • Mount Shasta, CA
  • Sarasota County, FL
  • Talihina, OK
  • Timothy Lake, OR
  • Yakima, WA


  • Agassiz Provincial Forest, MB
  • Cold Lake, AB
  • Easterville, MB
  • New Jake’s Corners, YT
  • Pointe Du Bois, MB
  • Queen Charlotte’s Islands, BC
  • Rocky Mountain House, AB
  • Roscoe Inlet, BC
  • Seven Persons, AB
  • Sexsmith, AB

Overall, the Bigfoot Casebook Updated is one of the better Bigfoot books I’ve read.

Rating: 4/5 stars