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Will New Service from Adelaide Haunted Horizons Redefine Ghost Hunting?

Adelaide Haunted Horizons is a ghost tour and crime tour company based in Australia. They’ve recently announced a new service called Haunted Horizons Live. It will enable budding “ghost hunters” to take part in live, online paranormal investigations from the comfort of their own home.

Author and experienced paranormal investigator, Alison Oborn, officially launched Haunted Horizons Live with an investigation of the National Emergency Museum in Sheffield, England on June 2-3. (It started right before midnight and continued into the early hours of June 3rd.) They’ll continue with more investigations in castles and museums across the UK the rest of this month.

“We have previously experimented with virtual coverage of paranormal investigations conducted in locations like Mansfield Penitentiary (Shawshank Redemption) during one of our USA tours and the response has been overwhelming,” says Alison Oborn.

“Giving people a taste of one part of an investigation will always remain free but this new service will allow us to bring people deeper into rooms, hallways, and cellars as we explore haunted locations such as Leap Castle, Oxford Castle, The Clink London, and The Ragged School Museum.

“With vision, sound, and the ability to move with us throughout an event, our Haunted Horizons Live subscribers back home will have front row seats as we share our spine tingling experiences together.”

Haunted Horizons Live will be a subscription service offered through crowd funding service, Patreon, with options ranging from US$1 to US$40 per month.

“We are expecting the $5 a month option to be the most popular because this will give poor people a chance to join our paranormal adventures while keeping up with the busyness in their lives,” begins Alison.

“However, we also know there are people enthralled by our ghost tours and investigations but who are too scared to venture into locations that, I admit, can be spine chilling, so we’re expecting Haunted Horizons Live will be welcomed by them as they build their confidence in paranormal investigating over time.”

For More Info on Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Visit Adelaide Haunted Horizons website: https://adelaidehauntedhorizons.com.au/

Visit Haunted Horizons Live Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/hauntedhorizons


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