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Subtly Spooky: Paranormal Paintings

Subtly Spooky: Paranormal Paintings

This post will be part personal disclosure, and part shameless self-promotion, so I hope you will indulge me…

I have always been an artistic person, and my interest in painting and drawing goes back as far as my interest in the paranormal. From the time that I could read, I was finding every book I could on the paranormal, cryptozoology, and unexplained mysteries and reading them voraciously. But I also used to draw. A lot. When I hit 8 or 9 or so, my grandmother started teaching me how to paint, mainly with watercolors. I still have some of those paintings, and one is even hanging on my wall in my apartment to this day. My grandparents would occasionally take me to the local art shows, usually in school gymnasiums, and often suggested that I try selling some paintings. But at the time, I was too shy to do anything of the sort.

When I was a freshman in high school, I needed eye surgery for glaucoma. Yes, I was diagnosed with glaucoma at 9, and after trying pretty much every medicine and treatment from one of the world’s most renowned glaucoma doctors, it was determined that I needed surgery at 13. Well, my surgery, I guess because of my age, did not go well. I ended up being in the hospital for 7 days, and was only allowed to go home on that seventh day because it happened to be Thanksgiving Day.

My recovery was painful, but one thing that helped me through it (besides my awesome family) was the TV show The Joy of Painting, hosted by Bob Ross. I watched it every afternoon during my long recovery, and then during my subsequent surgeries. No DVRs back then, so I had to either tape them on the family VCR or just happen to be home to watch them, but Bob Ross and his show inspired me to paint again, and my family bought me a starter paint set, and my grandmother gave me one of her easels and a palette, which I still use to this day some 27 years later.

I painted sporadically through the years, often getting distracted by other things such as my band or ghost hunting or becoming a father, but I always came back to painting. But I wasn’t able to come back to it with the passion I once had until, once again, I ended up in the hospital, this time with a broken foot incurred on my job as a Child Protective Specialist. Anyway, while doing my first painting in a long time (on a broken foot, mind you), I got inspired to start doing some paranormally-themed paintings. I was doing a painting for my girlfriend (pictured below), and decided to hide Bigfoot in it, because I’m goofy like that.

Pink and Purple Hidden Bigfoot

For Christmas, I painted her four more paintings, all 8″ x 8″, just of spooky forest scenes in monochrome, each one a different color (red, pink, purple, and blue…she really likes pink and purple). They weren’t paranormally-themed, per say, but they were spooky looking forest scenes. I did a Bigfoot painting just for myself (below), which she promptly demanded I give to her, but I refused. She then suggested that I start selling my paintings, because she felt that they were awesome and she “wants them all.” She is perhaps a bit biased, but I decided to take her advice.

Bigfoot Painting

My shop is called SubtlySpooky, and I have a number of paintings for sale already, and will be adding more in a few days. So far, most of the paintings feature Bigfoot, but I do have a UFO/alien abduction one in there as well. I take requests, so if there’s anything you’d like painted in any specific color scheme, please feel free to let me know. Visit the shop and see what I have, and you can visit my Facebook page as well and give me some likes, if you like. We all like Likes. Some examples of what’s for sale are below. Thanks!

Bigfoot Crossing a Field by Moonlight


Sasquatch in the Hilly Thicket


Unexpected Visitor


Bigfoot at Gettyburg


Bigfoot in the Violet Mist


Misty Mountain Creature

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  • It would be school if you did a Ouija board painting. I don’t know if your into them, but I totally love em.