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UFO Hunter Claims to See Iguana on Mars

Ever since NASA has been exploring Mars, UFO enthusiasts have been spotting odd objects on the planet’s surface, most famously the face on Mars. More recently, people have claimed to see a rat, a sheep-man (yes, seriously), and more. I came across this story of yet another UFO hunter claiming to see a very earthly object in NASA’s photos. This time? An iguana on Mars.

UFO hunter claims to spot iguana in NASA Mars photo
Ummm…it’s a rock. Just a rock.

A bored UFO hunter, apparently sick of the current crop of earth-bound alien videos, took to the NASA raw feed from the Curiosity Rover exploring Mars and discovered what’s claimed to be a fossilized Iguana, a vestige of the Red Planet’s lively past.

There’s no doubt the object bears a resemblance to reptilian fossils found all over Earth, but does it mean that Mars once had a thriving biosphere, capable of supporting advanced lifeforms?

This is not the first time rocks on Mars have been spotted which bear an uncanny resemblance to familiar objects here on Earth. Any number of reptiles, rodents, birds and even pyramids have been reported as fossils or ancient ruins, supposedly bearing out the theory that Mars once had air, water and perhaps, civilization.

So far the UFO researcher, going by the name of UFO HuntingClouds on YouTube, hasn’t found any evidence of there ever being any intelligent life on Mars.

The real question is, is there any down here?

This really is matrixing at its best. People who are determined to find something in these Mars photos are pretty much destined to find something, if they look hard enough. Unfortunately, it’s just a rock that, in this photo, kinda sorta resembles an iguana.