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What Do Halloween and the Super Bowl Have in Common? (Hint: Travel Channel)

What season do you most associate with travel? Spring? Summer? Christmastime? Fall?

My guess would be summer, maybe tied with or followed in a close second by Christmas. And those very well may be the busiest times for actual travel, but not for Travel Channel. Apparently their busiest season is Fall, specifically Halloween.

Here’s what Travel Channel’s general manager, Matthew Butler, said in a release about its “Ghostober” lineup:

Halloween is Travel Channel’s Superbowl. We’re pulling out all the stops for ‘Ghostober’ this year – from a live ghost hunt in Salem, Massachusetts, and an iconic investigation of the house that inspired ‘The Conjuring,’ to reopening the case files of America’s first ghost hunter, Hans Holzer. And we have the biggest stars and experts in the field to take us to every haunted, cobweb-covered corner in America, including Zak Bagans and the GAC, Jason Hawes and his team of paranormal pioneers and newcomer Dakota Laden, who will bring fear to a new level. There’s no better –and scarier– place to be this October than tuned in to Travel Channel.

Travel Channel certainly has become the paranormal destination on TV, hasn’t it?

Did you watch any of their “Ghostober” offerings? Do you have a favorite Travel Channel show? Have you ever visited a haunted place because you saw it on Travel Channel?

And when you read “Halloween is Travel Channel’s Superbowl,” did it bring to mind ghosts decked out in uniforms on a football field? Asking for a friend –or would that be fiend?

Whatever you did this “Ghostober,” whether it involved Travel Channel or not, I hope you had a spooky good time.