Ghost on camera at New Mexico Police Station
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Ghost on Camera at New Mexico Police Station?

It must be close to Halloween, as the mainstream media stories about ghosts and the paranormal are picking up. This week, the buzz has been about the alleged “ghost” captured by security cameras on a New Mexico police station. The video is, of course, grainy and blurry and completely, ambiguously unimpressive. I took New Mexico a lot more seriously when aliens were crashing their flying saucers there.

Ghost seen at New Mexico Police Station
The Red Circle of Paranormal Certainty (TM)

Hopefully the “Ghostbusters” are available to investigate this one.

Police in Espanola, New Mexico, are trying to figure out what human-shaped, blurry, translucent figured was captured on camera strolling across a locked area of their station Saturday night.

The video shows the figure walking through a chain link fence and slowly walking out again.

“It walks through the old transport cages,” said police detective Solomon Romero. “There’s not a way for it to get through, but it walks through that.”

Officer Karl Romero was on duty that ghostly night.

“At first, I thought it was a fly or moth. Then, I saw the legs … and it was a human,” he said. “But not a real human. No – a ghost.”

Romero reported the eerie sight to his supervisors, who said there is no way to enter or leave the area without opening gates that would sound an alarm.

While some believe the video defies logic, others say they have heard and seen the ghost around the station for years, but have never caught it on camera. Police said their station wasn’t built on an ancient burial ground and that no one has ever died inside the building.

“A lot of officers have seen certain things,” said Karl Romero. “Some officers have felt someone breathing down their necks as they’re working in the briefing room.”

The tales have convinced some officers that the supernatural sightings are real.

“I do believe it was something,” said Solomon Romero. “It was hard to say but I do believe in ghosts.”

As with any video like this, it could be any number of things, most likely some sort of glitch or technical signal issue with the camera. Or it could be a bug on the lens. Or perhaps it’s an outright hoax. We can never be sure. But it’s probably not a ghost. But it being the spooky season and all, it’s fun to think that maybe it is.