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The Haunted Doll | Episode 24

Do you like scary stories about haunted dolls? Then this episode is for you! This week, my friend John returns to discuss an experience he had with an allegedly haunted doll. But he wasn’t the only one to encounter it. His girlfriend at the time (whose doll it was) and their dog and cat also endured the spooky encounter. The doll was inherited from her grandmother, and was dressed in a taffeta dress and had castanets attached to its hands. And perhaps you already know where this story it heading…

One evening as John and his girlfriend settled into bed, they all heard something unsettling. First the sound of a dress moving along the hardwood floors of his living room. And then, the unmistakable sounds of castanets clicking together. The animals reacted, too. Clearly they were all hearing something. Something that seemingly could only be one thing in their apartment…

Be sure to watch or listen to the episode for the full story! We also discuss some creepy dolls from Seinfeld, just to lighten the mood afterwards.

What do you think John and his family encountered? Have you ever had any weird experiences with a haunted doll? We’d love to hear about it! Email me at:

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