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Bigfoot Researcher Mike Familant | Episode 14

Welcome to Episode 14! This week I welcome Bigfoot researcher Mike Familant to the show! Mike is an EMT, firefighter, and graphic designer by day. But he’s also an active Bigfoot researcher, producer, and investigator based out of northern New Jersey. Mike has his own YouTube TV show, In the Shadow of Big Red Eye. Started in 2016, Mike is now in his 6th season of episodes, where he and his team investigate the eastern US for sasquatch. While Mike is based in New Jersey, he’s also done investigations in Florida, upstate New York in the Adirondacks and Whitehall, West Virginia, and more.

In this hour, I ask Mike to share his first encounter which lead him to be interested in Bigfoot. It’s a fascinating account, and I appreciate Mike’s initial skeptical approach, before realizing that perhaps this really was a Bigfoot encounter. We also talk about different kinds of Bigfoot and why they seem to look and behave differently.  Mike discusses what lead him to create his show, as well as some of his methodologies he uses while he’s out investigating.

And since Mike is based in New Jersey, we had to discuss the Jersey Devil. I had to ask Mike about one of my favorite cryptids, as he spends a lot of time in the Pine Barrens. Is the Jersey Devil just Bigfoot? Mike and I discuss this somewhat controversial take.

This was a very cool chat. It was great to finally chat with Mike and get his perspective on my favorite topic! Links below to the sites where you can reach Mike Familant!

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