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Episode 12: Catsquatch and the Proctor Valley Monster

This week I chat with my friend and former bandmate Ethan Goode. Back when he was younger, Ethan and his cousin had an encounter with a bizarre cryptid in western New York state. What they saw seemed to be 7-feet tall, humanoid, and with the face of a cat. We’ve dubbed it catsquatch, and Ethan goes into detail about what he saw all those years ago. And how it ties into the experience of another family member. A brief but very creepy sighting.

Now living in San Diego, Ethan also tells me more about the Proctor Valley monster, a strange cryptid that is said to resemble Bigfoot or sheepsquatch, but also shares similarities with the Jersey Devil. We also discuss the strange “booms” often heard in San Diego, as well as unidentified lights in the sky on the west coast. Ethan and I share tales of how we both dabbled in some of the darker paranormal aspects when we were teenagers, including gothic literature, ouija boards, and mysticism.

We end the show talking about Ethan’s musical projects. A talented musician with eclectic tastes, Ethan is working on projects now for a variety of mediums. You can check out his playlist on Soundcloud. This was a fun episode for me, reconnecting with Ethan and hearing more about his really odd encounter. I haven’t heard of many stories of a creature of this type. Dogman, sheepsquatch, sure. But I haven’t heard many tales of a catsquatch, so this story always fascinated me!

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