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Far Cry 5 May Include a Bigfoot Hunt

I always love when my passions intersect. I may be just shy of 44 years old, but I still dig my video games. In fact, I’m on a Bethesda kick right now, having finished the incredible Fallout 4 a few months ago, and currently very deep into the DLC of Skyrim (the Special Edition, natch). My wife, knowing this (and fearful that I might reclaim my Fallout 4 disc from her for a second playthrough), recently asked what I might be popping into my PlayStation 4 next. And now, after seeing this story, my decision may have been made for me. My son and I have talked about how awesome it would be to have a video game based solely on investigating the paranormal, and a hunt for Bigfoot would be at the top of my list. Far Cry 5 might be my next game to play, if these rumors are to be believed.

Far Cry 5 Bigfoot
Search for Bigfoot from the comfort of the couch in your parents’ basement!

Although Far Cry 5’s story and setting have shreds of authenticity to them, Ubisoft has still tried to play into the series’ over-the-top nature. Recruiting animals as AI companions, performing death-defying stunts from aerial vehicles, and causing general mayhem are part of Far Cry’s winning recipe (read our Far Cry 5 review), and that has not changed for the latest installment.

Now that the game has been out for a while, players are starting to uncover more secrets about Far Cry 5’s hyper-stylized version of Montana. Some are simply trying to recreate fun stunts, while others are on a hunt for some big game.A new fan theory online suggests that Bigfoot might be lurking somewhere within Far Cry 5. As of yet no one has found the mythical creature, but there is strong evidence to support Bigfoot might be hidden in the game.

The first sign of Bigfoot is found on one of the game’s many information boards. Apparently one of the in-game characters was on the trail of Big Foot, with newspaper clippings and tracks scattered across a map of Hope County.

Of course, this could be nothing more than a real world Bigfoot hunter – some loose details about the creature tied together as evidence. However, Far Cry 5 players have noted hearing weird groans while exploring the game’s version of Montana. Moreover, Far Cry Arcade players have even seen a model for Big Foot used in the game’s map editor, which suggests that, at the very least, Ubisoft designed a model for the character.

So assuming that Bigfoot is in the game, the question then becomes, “How do you find him?” The obvious answer is that Ubisoft put Big Foot in the game as a nod to real life Bigfoot sightings, and so players will only get fleeting glimpses of the creature and question whether what they saw was an animal or something else.

The other, and more likely scenario, is that Bigfoot is part of Far Cry 5’s live events, which will kick off next week. Live Events are special timed missions that will release at regular intervals for Far Cry 5. Perhaps one of the first will be a Big Foot hunt?

Far Cry 5 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

One big sasquatch mystery remains, though: Why is it that writers can never stay consistent when talking about Bigfoot in these articles? The correct usage is “Bigfoot,” not “Big Foot.” This writer uses both, not just within the same article, but even within the same paragraph. And the plural for Bigfoot? It’s simply Bigfoot. One Bigfoot, or many Bigfoot. True, and yet I still have friends who refuse to believe it.