Shadow Person in Brooklyn
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Episode 7: Shadow Person in Brooklyn

This week, I talk to my best friend John about a creepy shadow person experience he had back in 2000 in his old Brooklyn apartment. We also discuss some other supernatural encounters he’s had over the years. John and I have been buddies for over 35 years now, so there’s a lot of history between us. And a good amount of it is paranormal. We also get into belief systems, and why some experiences look for more answers, while others don’t care to know. Additionally, we touch on cultural explanations for these phenomena. And explore how our past and current understandings of these things have evolved with our changing worldview. I also share a few of my own paranormal experiences, including my own shadow person sighting.

John will be back for more ghost stories in the future, and he also has some possible UFO sightings to share. Stay tuned!